Risk Management & Problem Solving

Regardless of whether a client is involved in developing a business strategy to grow its business, making a deal or transaction with another business, or is involved in a dispute or litigation, there are risks, both business and legal, that must be evaluated and addressed. Helping clients “look around the corner” to see risks amid opportunities is an important role that our lawyers provide to our clients.

While business problems have legal aspects, we do not lose sight of the fact that they are ultimately business problems that require business-like solutions. It is our role as lawyers to provide insight and advice to our clients, and to work with them to develop creative solutions to their business problems. We work with our clients in all contexts to help them achieve their business objectives.


Underlying all services we provide to clients and in all contexts is advocacy: we are singularly devoted to and focused on supporting and promoting our clients’ interests. Whether we are negotiating a deal on a client’s behalf, forming a new business entity, mediating, arbitrating or litigating a case, we are, first and foremost, working to protect our client’s rights and interests.

We treat our clients' problems as our own. This means understanding their concerns and representing their interests as we would want and expect a lawyer to represent us. It means going the extra mile to assure that outcomes are more than merely "satisfactory" -- they are the best outcomes available.

Dispute Resolution

Few business disputes ever result in litigation, and fewer still go to trial and verdict. How disputes are managed from their inception often has an impact on the conduct, duration and outcome of the dispute. Early involvement by counsel can help minimize a dispute and preserve the client’s rights and put the client in the best position to favorably resolve a dispute.

As business-oriented lawyers, we work with our clients to understand their objectives and preferred outcomes, and to formulate a strategy to achieve them. We communicate continuously with our clients as the dispute process develops, constantly evaluating the changing landscape of the dispute and process. In short, we work to put our clients in the best possible position to ensure a positive dispute outcome, whether we assist and advise clients in principal-to-principal negotiations, or represent them in mediation, arbitration or litigation.



We are results oriented business lawyers.  Our focus is to help our clients explore, evaluate and creatively implement new business opportunities and deals, to help solve business problems, and to help them grow their businesses in this fast moving and challenging environment.

In the transactional aspect of our practice, we work with our clients to clarify goals and objectives, identify, apportion and manage risks, provide appropriate remedies, and work to make the framework of a transaction rational, predictable, and thus, maximally beneficial.  In the dispute resolution aspect of our practice, we develop strategies consistent with clients’ business objectives, and then assist our clients in solving problems in the most efficient, cost-effective manner, which may include representation in negotiation, mediation, or an adjudicated resolution.  Regardless of the task, we approach both transactions and disputes as business problems that require business solutions.  We analyze.  We advise.  We advocate.

Technology, new means of communication, instantaneously available information, and the world-wide web have revolutionized business, including the delivery of legal services.  We are committed to using the latest technology to more efficiently serve our clients, and to use that technology to stay connected with and available to our clients.  While we embrace technology, we also hold fast to the traditional ideas of hard work, professional and ethical conduct, and keeping good counsel with our clients.

Much has changed about how business is conducted since the fall of 2008, including how law firms operate.  Unburdened by the overhead of large law firms, this firm is committed to delivery of the highest quality legal services efficiently at competitive and reasonable rates.


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