Employment Counseling and Litigation

employment-law-rotating-picDisputes between employers and employees create tension, reduce job satisfaction and drain productivity. We give clients the tools they need to prevent and resolve their disputes as quickly and cost effectively as possible, thereby increasing the bottom line.

We work with employers in New York and New Jersey to develop and implement best practices for compliance with laws regarding hiring, firing, compensation, classification, leaves of absence, accommodation, reductions in force, harassment, discrimination, whistle blowing and protecting confidential information. This helps minimize risk and reduce distractions so employees are more productive and employers can focus on growing their business. When necessary, we defend employment-related lawsuits for breach of contract, wrongful discharge, harassment, discrimination, retaliation, whistle blowing, breach of restrictive covenants and violation of family and medical leave and wage and hour laws.

We also work with executive and professional employees in New York and New Jersey who need assistance negotiating on-boarding and severance packages, or who have a dispute with their employer. We guide employees through the often-confusing maze of employment laws and help them secure their careers.

If you’re an employer…

We will help you prevent employee lawsuits by creating or updating your:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Training
  • Employment Agreements
  • Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicitation and Non-Compete Agreements
  • Severance Agreements

We will help you prevent employee lawsuits by counseling you on how to:

  • Hire an employee
  • Discipline an employee
  • Provide leave for your employees
  • Reasonably accommodate your disabled employees
  • Handle your employees’ complaints
  • Classify your employees appropriately
  • Pay your employees properly
  • Fire an employee

We will help you protect your reputation and bottom line by:

  • Defending employee lawsuits against you
  • Prosecuting your claims against employees who steal your confidential information and/or your clients
  • Navigating you through government agency investigations into your employment practices

If you’re an employee…

We will help you secure your career by negotiating for you a fair:

  • Employment Agreement
  • Confidentiality, Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicitation and Non-Compete Agreement
  • Severance Agreement

We will help you keep your job or minimize the effects of a job loss by resolving disputes over:

  • Discrimination, harassment or retaliation you experience at work
  • Medical leave you need to take
  • Reasonable accommodations you require to perform your job
  • Wages you have earned
  • Illegal or fraudulent activity you observe
  • Your right to work in the same industry when you leave your job

Representative Matters

  • Secured dismissal before trial of disabled student’s discrimination claim against a university
  • Obtained dismissal of EEOC disability discrimination charge against third-party administrator of disability benefits programs
  • Secured dismissal of former professor’s claim that he was overcharged COBRA premiums and obtained monetary award for university on its counterclaim for overpayment of wages
  • Won summary judgment dismissal of former adventure park employee’s gender discrimination claims
  • Structured and implemented a reduction in force when a foreign bank closed two of its U.S. branch offices
  • Provided anti-harassment and nondiscrimination training to employees and management of a foreign bank based in New York
  • Settled breach of duty of loyalty claim on behalf of international transportation company after surviving a motion to dismiss
  • Successfully negotiated employment and severance agreements for business management consulting firm, computer forensics company and home health aide agency
  • Secured reinstatement of civil rights and employment discrimination claims of Chinese restaurant workers after default judgment was vacated for insufficient service of process
  • Obtained six-figure settlement for school bus driver in a federal whistleblower and wage and hour case
  • Obtained six-figure settlement for former employee in a Family and Medical Leave Act and whistleblower case
  • Negotiated generous severance package for 10-year employee in his late 50s
  • Negotiated generous severance package for disabled, gay employee who was about to be fired

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